Sena 10C Pro vs Sena 10C – What’s changed and Australian Release Date

It’s here, it’s really here! The Sena 10C Pro has been officially launched by Sena, and it’s set to arrive in Australia 21/12/18 with a RRP of $499 AUD.

Sena 10C Pro | ETA 21/12/18 | $499 AUD | In the box:

  • 10C Pro Headset, Clamp Unit, Glued Surface Mounting Plate, Helmet Speakers, Attachable Boom Microphone, Boom Microphone Holder, Microphone Sponges, USB Power & Data Cable (Straight Micro USB Type), Cigarette Charger, Speaker Pads, Hook and Loop Fasteners for Speakers, Hook and Loop Fasteners for Boom Microphone, Hook and Loop Fastener for Holder, Hook and Loop Fastener for Wired Microphone, Allen Wrench, Foam Speaker Covers, Lens Cap

Sena 10C Pro Mount

Sena 10C Box Set

Sena 10C Pro vs Sena 10C

The Sena 10C Pro being only an iteration update has not seen any major hardware updates rather the focus has been on camera recording quality. Sena hasn’t redesigned any of the hardware, so the new 10C pro is actually compatible with the 10c helmet mount. The big changes are for this iteration are listed below:

Sena 10C Pro Sena 10C
135 Degree FOV 125 Degree FOV
3.7 MP (Mega Pixel) Camera (16:9) 3.5 MP Camera (3:2)








WiFi: Yes WiFi: No


The big change here is obviously the camera improvements in the 10C Pro.  The Pro now comes with 1080p recording at 60 Frames per/second and 1440p (2K) at 30 Frames per/second. There was a lot of speculation that the Sena 10C Pro or the EVO would have 4K recording, I can think of a couple reasons why they may have foregone on 4K for a lower resolution. The first would be 4K looped recording would chew through the battery and without a reliable way to run a power supply to this unit constantly, Sena needed to balance overall battery life. Yes, it would be great to have a 4K recording device but I would be less impressed with a 1-hour battery life (typical of 4K action cameras like the VIRB Ultra 30, Insta 360 One X). The other factor would be the amount of memory that the camera would need. Depending on how much you wanted to record and save this could quickly become expensive for more SD cards and even dealing with video archiving.

It also has a wider field of view which you might not notice immediately when looking at different shots but every degree makes a difference especially when it comes examining how a situation might have come about. Oh, and there’s WiFi now, not a big deal but a quality of life improvement to be sure.

That’s it, the Sena 10C Pro is not a completely new generation it’s a new iteration of the same model which explains why it’s still the same price as the original model but displays higher quality camera footage.

Hardware breakdown

The design is almost the exact same as the 10C they just coloured it in a bit more and added the word “10C Pro”. This is a good thing though as Sena honestly have mounting locked down. No need to reinvent the wheel there. If you’re looking for a wiring/install guide, Sena has one here.

The battery life for the Sena 10 Pro is approximately 2 hours according to Sena. Charge time is 3.5 hours just like the previous generation.

Again, no changes here, the intercom and audio functionality have stayed the same. It worked really well on the previous models the noise cancellation could use a little more playing with but overall it works, and you can be heard clearly.

Returning Software features

While there a no new software features, the Sena 10C Pro does come with some pretty cool software features to make your rides more memorable.

Camera modes

  • Photo (tap the camera button)

Video modes

  • Timelapse video mode (series of photos at timed intervals)
  • Loop recording mode (continuously records video until maximum space reached then the device will overwrite the oldest footage recorded with new footage)

Recording time

1440p/30FPS 1080p/60FPS 1080p/30FPS
1GB SD Card 4 minutes 4 minutes 9 minutes
2GB SD Card 8 minutes 8 minutes 18 minutes
4GB SD Card 16 minutes 16 minutes 36 minutes
8GB SD Card 33 minutes 33 minutes 72 minutes (1h 12m)
16GB SD Card 65 minutes (1h5m) 65 minutes (1h5m) 144 minutes (2h24m)
32GB SD Card 131 minutes (2h11m) 131 minutes (2h11m) 288 minutes (4h48m)
64B SD Card 264 minutes (4h24m) 264 minutes (4h24m) 570 minutes (9h30m)

*MicroSD cards need to be Class 10 write speed


Looking at the Sena 10C Pro at each of its individual aspects camera recording, Bluetooth intercom, music player no individual feature stands out significantly but as a whole, that’s where this device shines, you don’t need to run multiple pieces of gear to handle all these different tasks. It allows you to minimise your gear and keep it streamlined where possible. Overall I would say Sena has released a good iteration upgrade to their headset and keeping the price the same makes this a very attractive option for many riders.

Sena 10C Pro – Availability and Spec Sheet available on this page

Is this compatible with other Sena devices

  • It's compatible with all Sena Bluetooth intercom devices
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