Garmin Pay Officially Live in Australia – with Commonwealth Bank

One convenient purchase done. (I bought some double AA batteries if you must know)

Garmin connect has released the latest update for their app which allows users to finally use Garmin Pay and to add to their virtual wallet with their cards and using ‘Paywave’ tap their watch to make a payment.

At this stage, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the only bank that has officially announced and allowed their cards to be used in conjunction with Garmin Pay. With other big banks finally jumping on board with the Contactless Payment forms they likely won’t be far behind adding Garmin Pay as well.

If you’re having any trouble adding cards to your watch, Garmin has put together a video tutorial on Garmin Pay that is pretty handy.

vivoactive 3 garmin pay

How the payment works and Security Measures

The transaction works like any NFC chip process, your card is added to your ‘virtual wallet’ on your phone, and then you’re ready to make tap and go payments. Regarding the security measures Garmin have put in place, there are a couple. The first is the pin you set on your watch when you first add your card. The watch will ask you for this pin the first time you make a payment.

From that point onwards, the watch will only ask for your pin

  • If it has been more than 24 hours since you last entered it
  • You have removed the watch from your wrist at any point (Watch no longer detects your HR)

Where can I use it and Which cards are accepted?

*Updated June 2018

You can use ‘Garmin Pay’ at any terminal that accepts tap-n-go and any supported bank (Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ANZ, Westpac, Bendigo Bank, Latitude Financial Services). This page here lists all the current Garmin Pay compatible banks.

If you want to find out more about the watch check out our feature review on the vivoactive 3 and what’s changed from the previous iteration the vivoactive HR.

Garmin vivoactive 3 available here

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