Vivofit jr 2 – New Frozen and Star Wars Models 2019

Garmin has announced the new vivofit jr 2 models for 2019. The new bands include characters from the hugely popular Disney franchise Frozen with Elsa and Anna. They also have Star Wars Bands with a Light side band and Dark Side Band. The vivofit jr 2 bands have been massively popular with parents and kids as a way of getting them excited to get outside and achieve 60 minutes of activity over the course of the day.

Frozen 2 Elsa vivofit jr 2
Frozen 2 Elsa Band

There are 4 new bands available each with two new story adventures unique to these bands one Frozen story adventure and a Star Wars adventure. Unlike previous models these bands are only available with the adjustable strap. All versions are currently available in Australia for $129 AUD.

Garmin vivofit jr 2 Frozen 2 Elsa | $129 RRP | Available Now

Garmin vivofit jr 2 Frozen 2 Anna | $129 RRP | Available Now

Garmin vivofit jr. 2 - Star Wars (Light Side) | $129 RRP | Available Now

Garmin vivofit jr. 2 - Star Wars (Dark Side) | $129 RRP | Available Now

Frozen 2 Elsa Band
Elsa Band (Frozen 2)
Frozen 2 Anna Band
Anna Band (Frozen 2)
Star Wars Light Side Band
Light Side Band (Star Wars)
Star Wars Dark Side Band
Dark Side Band (Star Wars)

What do the bands look like in person?

New Disney vivofit jr 2 bands FRONT 2019 New Disney vivofit jr 2 bands 2019 SIDE New Disney vivofit jr 2 bands 2019 BACK

What can you do with the vivofit jr 2

The vivofit jr 2 is designed with both kids and parents in mind. The band functions are designed for kids and to be as easy as possible to use while the vivofit jr companion app is designed for parents to easily be able to control and check their activity progress, sleeping and even chores. The band allows kids to check their piggybank, rewards, activity goal and even remind them that they need to do a chore at a set time.

Chores, Rewards and Goals

These watches allow parents to give their kids virtual gold coins for completing chores that you, the parent, have designated in the app. You can select pre-set chores or make your own custom chores like brushing teeth, homework time or practice time and assign the amount of gold coins given for completing that chore. Finally you can set a ‘goal’ that for a set amount of gold coins your kids can cash in for a special reward like a video game, book or something special they’re really looking forward to.

Activity, Adventures and Puzzles

The Frozen themed bands have their own adventures which sees your child go on small adventures with Anna, Elsa and Olaf to discover origins of a mysterious voice in the frozen lands to the north.

The Star Wars bands follow the Skywalker story, they will escape Darth Vader with the help of R2-D2, C-3PO and even fight with Han Solo and Chewie against the Galactic Empire.

Each step of the adventure is unlocked on the app after your child meets their daily 60 minutes of activity goal.

You also have access to the tap challenge game that gets kids thinking in a race to unlock gems and unlock portions new portions of their game.

Other Features

These bands are also swim-friendly so you don’t need to worry about your kids forgetting to remove their bands before swimming.

Toe-To-Toe Challenge and Staying Active Together

This is a fun little game that kids can play with other Garmin users where kids start a 60 second timed competition to get as many steps in as they can as quickly as possible. This game can be played with Garmin device that connects to the Garmin IQ Store so even parents can be involved.

How competitive are you, really? Find out when you link your kids up to your Garmin Connect account and you can see if they're beating you in steps for that day. You can even link your family with other families in the vivofit jr app to be part of your weekly step challenges. You can also create other custom challenges and leave comments for each in the app while the challenge is active.

vivofit jr 2 Disney 2019


How can I get the other themed adventures?

You can only get access to the other themed adventures when you buy any replacement band available. Just make sure the replacement band you’re getting doesn’t also have the same adventure as your current one. An example of this would be the current Frozen II models Anna and Elsa both have the same adventure but are different styled bands. If you’re not sure just chat to one of our team and we can make sure you will be getting a new adventure. Replacement Bands are $45 AUD and make sure you keep the piece of paper that comes in the box as that will contain the code you need.

If you're looking for more information or to see a hands-on video with the bands check out our vivofit jr. 2 review here


What battery do I need and how do I replace it?

To replace the battery you only need two things, a CR1632 Battery and a phillips head screw driver. We have a tutorial video available here.

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