Arenti Outdoor Camera

Arenti Smart Home Outdoor Camera – Full Review

Arenti recently released the latest model in their smart home security range. This camera provides you access to your home wherever and whenever you need it via their easy-to-use app. I’ve tested this camera for about two weeks, and it is easily one of my favourite new smart home security cameras available.

Quick Review including video and still shot footage

The Arenti Outdoor 1 camera shoots in UHD 2k resolution and supports night mode and two-way communication. It’s a breeze to set up, about 5 minutes from unboxing. It doesn’t require any central hub to connect to, connecting directly to your home WiFi. Connect it to power (there are battery versions available) and then insert a micro SD card for storage and run through the setup process. This just involves the camera scanning a QR code from the Arenti App and then connecting to your home Wi-Fi. The Arenti camera is compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz routers; depending on your distance from the router, 2.4GHz would be my recommendation as it will be a more reliable connection for an outdoor camera.

Highlight features:

2K Ultra HD 4 Mega Pixel Camera Starlight and Full Colour Night Vision mode
AI Human Motion Detection Two-Way Audio
Sound Detection Customisable Detection Zones

Video Testing Night & Day

The Arenti camera shoots crystal clear 2K UHD footage night and day. The spotlight will also switch on automatically when it detects motion during the night-time to light up the area thoroughly.

Motion Detection and Custom Settings

You can set up custom detection areas in Arenti’s app settings. This is useful to block out a section of your camera’s view from its motion detection.


As you can I’ve coloured in the section I want the camera to detect motion in. Anything outside the coloured squares will be ignored.

Pro vs Cons of the Arent Outdoor 1 Smart Home Security Camera


Pros Cons
No ongoing subscription costs for camera storage No Professional Monitoring service
2-way communication The app interface is a little clunky.
Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa  
Excellent Night vision  



Is the Arenti Smart Home Camera Waterproof?

This smart home camera is rated to IP65, which gives it protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction and condensation and watery spray. It’s suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won’t cause it to be completely submerged. It also has complete dust protection.

Does Arenti offer free Camera Storage?

Arenti offers onboard camera storage via the memory card. This data can be downloaded to your phone live from the camera, from any location. Arenti offers a cloud service option in addition though this comes as an additional cost.

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