Garmin’s new Dash Cam 57 Series Review – What’s Changed

Garmin has released their new Dashcam models, the Dash Cam 47, 57 and 67W. Garmin has focused on new software options for the Dashcams, with the video quality remaining the same as the previous iteration.

The Garmin Dash Cam 47 is priced at $269 RRP and shoots 1080p at 30 frames per second. This model has a 140-degree FOV.

The Garmin Dash Cam 57 is priced at $299 RRP and shoots 1440p up to 60 frames per second. This model has a 140-degree FOV.

The Garmin Dash Cam 67W is priced at $369 RRP and shoots 1440p up to 60 frames per second. This model has a 180-degree FOV.

DashCam 57

Garmin Dashcam 46, 56 and 66W vs Dashcam 47, 57 and 67W

Quick Summary:

  • Garmin Vault Cloud storage for videos
  • Parking guard able to run without being hardwired
  • Clarity HDR added to the Dash Cam 47
  • Remote Live View (requires Wi-Fi)
  • Constant Power Cable (Optional Accessory)

Garmin has redesigned the faceplate on the camera, and they’ve increased the side buttons a little to make them easier to press if you have big fingers.

According to Garmin, the 47 finally gets Clarity HDR video regarding the software changes, which improves visual clarity. This feature was available on the Dash Cam 56 and 66W. HDR clarity improves night-time clarity, preventing street lamps from wiping out the entire picture and improving areas’ visual fidelity without street lights.


Dash Cam 57
Dash Cam 57
Dash Cam 67W
Dash Cam 67W
Dash Cam 47
Dash Cam 47

Garmin Dashcam Cloud Storage – Vault

Next up, we’ll take a look at Garmin’s new ‘Vault’ storage mode for their Dash Cam range. This is a pretty niche feature, to begin with, and despite the name ‘Vault’, it’s not designed to store your videos indefinitely.

Realistically this feature is targeted at ensuring that should something happen to the vehicle that prevents you from directly retrieving it, then you all have another way to access the video. Additionally, unlike other Dashcams ‘cloud’ options, there’s no size limit to the upload; there’s only a time limit that depends on your plan level. Below is the plan outline for Garmin’s ‘Vault’ cloud service subscription for Australia.

BASIC None (included with dash cam purchase) 24 hours
STANDARD $8.00 AUD 7 days
ADVANCED $17.00 AUD 30 days

You can manually upload videos to your vault to download or share the link to others; this sharing feature requires a passcode. The Dashcam will also automatically upload any saved or incident detected videos.

The Dashcam can only upload videos when it is connected to a WiFi network*


Dash Cam Side
Dash Cam Side

Dash Cam 67W

Parking Guard

The previous Dashcam range offers a parking guard, but it was only available when the Dashcam was hardwired to your vehicle’s power. Garmin has tweaked it slightly in that you can now set a ‘monitoring time’ where the Dashcam will stay active ready to detect an ‘incident’ and record the event. Without power, the Dash Cam could sleep and wake up 5 hours after it had been without power supply when it detected a motion disturbance. It likely could have gone longer, but this was the timeframe we were able to confirm. The amount of time that the device could wake up from sleep mode via the accelerometer will deteriorate over the unit’s life as with any feature that relies on the in-built battery.

If the Dashcam is hardwired to your vehicle’s power, it will also record the previous 15 seconds.

Remote Live View

This is the last significant new feature on the latest iteration of dashcams. It simply allows you to check your Dashcam at any time when it’s connected to your WiFi network.

Garmin Dashcam 46,56,66W Garmin Dashcam 47,57,67W
Camera Features
Automatic Incident Detection Yes Yes
Camera Resolution 1080P (46) | 1440P (56, 66W) 1080P (47) | 1440P (57, 67W)
Field of View 140 degrees | 180 degrees 66W 140 degrees (47,57) | 180 degrees 67W
Voice Control Yes Yes
Frame Rate up to 30 FPS Up to 30 FPS (47) Up to 60 FPS (57, 67W)
GPS speed and location info in the video Yes Yes
Dash Cam Auto Sync yes (up to 4 cameras) Yes (up to 4 cameras)
Mobile app to review footage yes (Garmin Drive™ app) Yes (Garmin Drive™ app)
Camera-assisted features for forward-collision warnings, lane departure warnings, “Go” alert and Garmin Real Vision™ Yes Yes
Clarity ™ HDR No (46) | Yes (56,66W) Yes
Vault compatible (secure online video storage) No Yes
Parking Guard (alerts you to vehicle impacts) No (Needs optional accessory and hardwired for constant power) yes (with Garmin Drive™ app)
Remote Live View (WiFi connection required) No yes (with Garmin Drive™ app)

Constant Power Cable

While this isn’t a specific feature on the Dash Cam’s, it’s a straightforward way to set the Dash Cam’s up with a constant power supply without needing an auto-electrician or having to hardwire the Dash Cam into your vehicle’s power. This constant power cable is available here, and it allows you to plug into your vehicles’ OBD-II port. It’s compatible with most passenger vehicles*

*Not compatible with commercial vehicles with a J1939 connector

Video Performance

We’ve tested the Garmin Dashcam 47, 57 and 67W in this video in both daytime and nighttime scenarios.

Accessories and Additional Information

If you’re after a close look at these Dash Cams but can’t get into one of our stores, we have 360-degree product photos that you can use to inspect each model closely. All compatible accessories are linked to the Dash Cams on this page, so if you’re after a suction mount instead of the included adhesive mount, those are available also.






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