iSmartGate Pro vs iSmartGate Lite – What suits your home garage

The iSmartGate brand has gained a lot of popularity since it first released as a true smart home garage system. The SmartGate series is deceptively simple, and that simplicity is what helps to ensure this Gate/Garage sensor just works.

The iSmartGate Pro is currently the ‘premium’ model coming with wireless sensors and compatibility with wired sensors along with support for more doors. In comparison, the Lite version simply supports fewer doors and has fewer additional functions. Both versions have compatibility with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

iSmartGate Kit Comparison Guide
iSmartGate Kit Comparison Guide


The significant limitations between the Lite and Pro models are the wired sensor compatibility (Pro Only) and the number of doors supported. The other minor differences like the custom music and LED light are not features I would classify as having a significant impact on these devices.

This feature difference makes it very easy to make a decision when selecting which iSmartGate option is best for your home. If you have more then one door, then the Pro version will be the way to go otherwise the Lite version.

iSmartGate Pro for Garage is available from this store along with customer reviews and compatible accessories.

iSmartGate Lite for Garage is available here along with reviews and compatible accessories.

How do I know If my garage is compatible?

Almost every garage on the market is compatible with iSmart Gate, you can even check wiring diagrams available here through iSmartGate’s compatibility checker. There are also additional factors that will influence which iSmartGate product you need. For example, even if it’s for your garage, the gate version may be the model you need for instead of the garage kit.

Do I need the Gate kit or Garage kit for my home?

If you have a sectional or up and over garage door, then you will need to get the iSmartGate Garage Kit. Selecting the Pro or Lite version of the Garage kit is dependent on how many doors you need to support or if you want to use wireless or wired sensors.

If you have a roller door, swing garage door or side sectional garage door, then your best option is actually the Gate Kit.

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