Equinox 800 Review – How to use this detector properly

The equinox 800 is either your first or second detector. It works at an entry level (with the right information) and for professionals who are well versed in detecting. This article is for beginners just getting into detecting and are looking for more information on how to use their detector to get the most out of it. Metal detecting is possibly one of the most rewarding hobbies. I think a lot of travellers consider buying one at some point and I honestly think very few who have purchased one regret it.

The biggest problem faced by potential detectorists is picking the right detector for you. If you’re looking to head out to an actual Gold Field with a mining lease then this article won’t benefit you, the Equinox does have solid gold hunting functionality for its price but it’s primarily used as a ‘relic hunter’ class of detector. Relic hunters are great for a range of metal of finds in a variety of different conditions. What makes the Equinox 800 standout above the pack is the following features.

Minelab Equinox 800 – Best Relic Hunter Detector

  • Waterproof coil and fully submersible (3 meters)
  • Wireless Headphone capable and included
  • Mutli-Frequency for more precise ID targeting
  • Switch between frequencies based on your need
  • Detector modes to make it easy to get started.

The equinox 800 is quite possibly the king of versatility. This detector is one of the best options on the market for relic hunting but can also be used to hunt for gold.

Equinox 800 Users
Equinox 800 Featured

How to set it up the Equinox 800

The first step will be to do a noise cancel on your device. To do so press the settings button (gear icon in the middle of the buttons) once the noise cancel icon is blinking (directly above the words noise cancel) then press the check/cross button to confirm.

Ground Balance – This is optional as the equinox will work without doing this step, but this can help if you going to a gold field. To start ground balance, press the gear icon until there is an icon above blinking above the words ‘ground balance’ once that is done just pump the machine up and down about 5-7 times.

You’ll also need to pair your wireless headphones if you’re using them. To do this you need to first pair your wireless audio module to your machine

Wireless Module for Equinox 800
Wireless Module for Equinox 800

To pair the audio module, just press the power button for 2 seconds. The connection LED should slowly flash blue. From there press the pairing button until the blue led flashes rapidly. Now on the equinox 800 press the wireless button on the side of the control panel for 2 seconds and the LCD wireless icon will flash rapidly. then press the wireless button on the side of the equinox. You’ll know the devices have successfully paired when the lights on the devices remain a solid blue.

*As a side note here you can pair multiple WM 08 modules to the one machine if you have multiple users in a training session.

I’m ready to detect what now

The equinox makes things easier for you in most areas, but it is important to make sure that you switch your detector to the correct location mode. This is done via pressing this icon until it lines up with the correct detect mode environment.

Detect Mode Options
Detect Mode Options

Next just like in the initial setup you always want to run a noise cancel.

That’s it, start detecting! The best way to learn these machines is to learn by doing and talk to other users online. I’ve included a review from a user who only picked up the Equinox 800 recently and how he got himself started.

Included below is a frequency chart based on this YouTubers air testing for detection. Measurements are in inches.


Nickel Multi 5 10 15 20 40
Park 1 13 10 12 13 13 13
Park 2 14 8.5 11.5 11.5 12 11
Field 1 13 9 11.5 12.5 12 12
Field 2 12 9 11 11 11 10.5
Beach 1 12 X X X X X
Beach 2 11.5 X X X X X
Gold 1 13.5 X X X 13 13.5
Gold 2 15 X X X 15 15


Dime Multi 5 10 15 20 40
Park 1 11 10 10 9 9 8
Park 2 10 9 9.5 9 9 8
Field 1 10.5 10.5
Field 2 9 9
Beach 1 9 X X X
Beach 2 9.5 X X X
Gold 1 10 X X X 10 9
Gold 2 12 X X X 12 11


Recovery Speed
Nickel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Park 1
Park 2 16 15.5 15 14 13 12 11 11
Field 1
Field 2
Beach 1
Beach 2
Gold 1
Gold 2

Review from a new Equinox User

The following review was written by a completely new user to detecting and this outlines what he did to improve his knowledge bank and what he found just in his own backyard.

“I'm a complete newby to it but there's a couple of things I did. Theres a group on FB called "dig it detecting" and in their files section there's a pdf called Luke's nox settings.

It shows you how to alter the settings so coins make a good higher pitch tone than junk signals.

This helped quite a bit. Then I printed out a signal number chart for common coins so I knew which numbers to dig. After alot of digging finding some coins and junk I found I would find a good sounding target then I'd put it on full metal mode and if the numbers stayed without wavering by a few points I'd dig it. It's working so far 😁”

Equinox 800_Find-6
Equinox 800 Find-6

Equinox 800_Find-5
Equinox 800 Find-5

Equinox 800 Find-4
Equinox 800 Find-4

Equinox 800_Find-3
Equinox 800 Find-3

Equinox 800_Find-2
Equinox 800 Find-2

Equinox 800_Find-1
Equinox 800 Find-1

More information

If you would like a digital copy of the Equinox manual that’s available here. The manual has some useful hints on basic detecting operation and tips on how to get the best out of your hunt.

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