Approach Z82 vs Approach Z80

Garmin has released a new Smart Golf GPS rangefinder the next iteration from the original Approach Z80. The new Approach Z82 is available for order now in Australia with a retail price of $949 AUD.

The Z82 comes with the following in the box:

Approach Z82 | Carry Case with Carabiner Clip | Micro-USB | Documentation

What’s Changed and Quick Takeaways

The Z82 has improved on most features to the Z80 the standouts being the new smart golf features and the increase in range.


Approach Z80 Approach Z82
Laser Range to Flag 350 yards/320 meters 450 yards/411 meters
Flag Finder (lock in on the flag) Visual Visual and Vibration
External Indicator Light for tournament mode No Yes
Hazard View No Yes
Wind Speed and direction (when paired with smartphone) No Yes
Improved viewfinder and camera options No Yes
Find my Garmin feature No Yes
Measure Shots No Yes
Scorecard No Yes
Garmin Golf app compatibility No Yes

As you can see the Z82 changes are mostly software-based. This moves the device from just a GPS Rangefinder to more of an all-round smart golf device. The big-ticket features on this list are the advancement in how well the Z82 locks onto the flag to your distance, quicker acquisition time and now chimes and vibrates when locked. You also now have hazard view, wind speed/direction and the ability to measure your shots.

Approach Z82 Rangefinder View
Approach Z82 Rangefinder View

Why we use the Approach Z82 Rangefinder

The Z82 is a solid rangefinder but it's the additional features that make it stand out. The course overlay view also helps immensely in letting you know any hidden hazards or how to position your shot best. Also, the wind speed/direction overlaid right onto the rangefinder view helps to immediately clarify and inform you on the best angle to take. In addition, the Approach Z82 comes preloaded with over 41,000 full-colour golf courses so no matter where you play, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the course with you at all times.

Approach Z82 Rangefinder View
Approach Z82 Rangefinder View
Approach Z82 Range
Approach Z82 Range

As a side note, for any players that dabble in tournaments, this rangefinder does come with a tournament mode that has an external indicator light. This mode can be turned on and off easily but lets your partners know when you are in the tournament mode.

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