Garmin Approach S62 vs Approach S60

Garmin has introduced a new product to their smart golfing product range, the Approach S62 smartwatch. The Approach S62 comes with all the golfing features you would expect with the Approach series like the 41,000+ courses preloaded onto the device, scoring, playslike distance and more.

The Approach S62 is available in Australia now for $799 RRP in black or white band styles.

What’s Changed on the Approach S62

The Approach S62 is based off fenix 6 hardware, so it comes with a lot of the bells and whistles. The big new additions on this model are as follows:

Approach S60 Approach S62
Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and Heart Rate Tracking features No Optical wrist-based HRM
Battery Life Smart Mode: Up to 10 Days



GPS Mode: up to 10 hours

Smartwatch mode: up to 14 days


GPS mode: up to 20 hours

Pulse Ox (Blood Oxygen Saturation Tracking) No Yes
Garmin Pay No Yes
All Day Health Tracking No Yes
Stress Track No Yes
Gym Activity Profiles Indoor Rowing Strength, cardio, treadmill and elliptical training, indoor rowing and walking, yoga
Wind Speed and Direction (requires connection Golf App) No Yes
Virtual Caddie No Yes (requires CT10 sensor accessories or upload if your scorecards)
Price $699 $799

The only new golf specific features on this list are the Wind Speed/Direction and Virtual Caddie features. The Wind Speed and Direction feature is a pointer that shows the wind speed and direction of the wind relative to the pin. This function can be found by pressing the action button then the wind option.

The virtual caddie is a bit of an interesting addition. Before you can use it, you will need to play five round with the Approach CT10 sensors. Alternatively, you can upload your scorecard via the Golf App.  Once you done either of those steps the virtual caddie will attempt to recommend a club based on your data, wind speed/direction and position on the course. As a note you change the recommendation based

The other major additions for this watch are the optical HRM, improved battery life, full health and fitness tracking metrics included now.

Approach S62 Wind Direction
Wind Direction
Approach S62 Virtual Caddie
Virtual Caddie
Approach S62 Golf Playslike Indicators
Plays like Indicators
Approach S62 Scorecard
Approach S62 Course Map
Course Map
Approach S62 Golf Activity
Golf Activity


Overall the S62 is a solid improvement over the Approach S60. The S62 is no longer just a golf watch this watch can handle everything and is a perfect everyday watch. From a golfing feature perspective, this new iteration for the approach series isn’t a huge step. From an overall feature perspective, the improvements for the Approach S62 compared to the S60 is huge and make the price difference between the two models worth it.

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