Garmin vivofit Jr 2 Disney Princess Edition – Australian Release date

The vivofit jr fitness bands have been fun and handy devices for parents and kids since they first released.  The vivofit jr 2 stepped it up a notch for kids with themed bands around their favourite digital heroes and worked to encourage kids to get active. Each theme Disney, Star Wars and Marvel have their own story adventures that kids can unlock with 60 minutes of activity. This story is played out on the app which parents can enjoy with their kids.

The new vivofit Jr 2 (Disney Princess) offers two new band designs, a new story adventure and new tap puzzle challenge games. This story adventure follows the Disney princesses Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan and Rapunzel.

Both versions of these bands are expected to arrive in stores early next week (27/08). The price will be the same as the other vivofit jr 2 bands $129 AUD. Also as a note, these bands will not have a flexible band option.

Garmin vivofit jr 2 Disney Princesses - $129, Available Now - Box Contents: 

  • vivofit jr 2, documentation

Garmin vivofit jr 2 Disney Princess Icons - $129, Available Now - Box Contents:

  • vivofit jr 2, documentation

The replacement bands are due in to arrive in Australia in the 3rd Quarter and will be available for the same price as the original replacement bands $45 AUD.

What can it do besides counting steps?

We have a full breakdown on the capabilities for the vivofit jr 2 here, but I’ll do a quick summary below:

Parents can access the chore management and reward system via the app.

Reminder alerts and task timers (homework, game time, brushing teeth) – These alerts are audible

A swim-friendly band with customizable colour screen and user replaceable battery (lasts up to 1+ year)

The fitness bands can also be used to reward kids for doing chores and even helps them keep track with a virtual piggybank.

Alarm clock functionality

Sleep Tracking – you can measure how much restful sleep your child is getting via the app

What’s different about this version

Tap Puzzle Challenge Games – This is a new addition and like the story encourages the kids to meet their daily active minute targets. This part of the app lets them unlock their own ‘Disney Kingdom’ as they progress.

vivofit jr 2 Disney Princesses - compatible accessories and 360-degree product view available on the tabs on this page

vivofit jr 2 Disney Princess Icons - compatible accessories and 360-degree product view available on the tabs on this page

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