Fishing for some great gift ideas? Top 5 Marine Tech Gifts

If you’re looking to give someone the perfect fishing present and they’ve already got enough rods, they will always appreciate some new tech and the Garmin Fishfinder and Chartplotter combos are an ideal gift for your fishing companion.

Echomap  PLUS 75sv

echoMAP 75svThe EchoMAP plus 75SV is the big brother of the echoMAP Plus 45CV this model is designated with the SV meaning it does both Clear Vü CHIRP (Underneath boat) and Side Vü (Sides of the vessel).

With clear sonar imaging, you’ll be able to see structures, submerged objects and fish below your boat. It has a powerful GPS allowing for accurate mapping. The Sonar support can also be utilised to make quick draw contour maps and also allows you to save waypoints with label information like fishing spots, debris, hazard, etc.

Another useful feature of the echoMAP system is fish symbols, A-scope, Fish Alarm, Depth Alarm, Bottom Lock, etc. and also the Sonar Recording function. This allows to record and rewinds the sonar log in case you want to have a second look at a particular spot which means you won’t need to turn around and re-scan the location.

The CHIRP technology has a better focus on less cluttered images and more emphasis on targets. This makes it easier when the transducer beam catches a group of fish that are close together, you will be able to see them individually a lot better.

Best Features Worst
Excellent SONAR imaging and features Expensive
Large screen to help differentiate images  

The Garmin echoMAP is available for $1299 RRP

Striker Plus 4cv

Striker Plus 4cvThe Striker Plus 4cv is a compact combo that will make a massive difference to your fishing expeditions. This fishfinder will always help you get back to that perfect spot or guide you to finding many more. With Garmin Quickdraw contours you’ll be to create HD fishing maps wherever you go, couple this with Garmin’s CHIRP Clear Vü scanning Sonar and you’ll able to clearly see submerged structures, objects and fish underneath your boat.

The GPS receiver in the device will also allow you to save waypoints for your favoured fishing spots or places to avoid.

Best Features Worst
Reasonable price for included benefits and features Small screen
ClearVü and transducer included Not the most affordable option out there
Small, so it doesn’t take up to much space  

The Striker Plus 4cv has a RRP of $349

Quatix 5

Quatix 5The Quatix 5 was released this year by Garmin and marks a significant step forward from the last iteration. The watch itself does have many of the features of the fenix 5 (they operate on the same Operating system software) but has a particular focus on marine activities. This is great as you’ll get access to marine features unique to this watch and a lot of multisport features on the fenix 5 (walking, hiking, running or cycling),

The Quatix 5 will connect with any of your compatible Garmin chart plotters, other Garmin instruments and autopilots. This provides a unique ability to the watch to control the boat from anywhere. This is useful in particular for crews who may not have eyes on the instruments and can check their watch for quick information updates and even adjust heading without having to leave what they’re doing.

You’ve also got the ‘Tack Assist’ feature which allows calibrating the boat’s port, and starboard tack angles then get alerted when the boat is being lifted or headed and by how much.

Best Features Worst
Powerful Sailing features Bluetooth Signal can drop sometimes
Almost all the functionality of the fenix 5 multisport features  

The Quatix 5 is available here for RRP $799

Deeper Smart Sonar

Deeper Smart Pro+

The Deeper units have made a huge impact on the world of Fishing Sonars with their castable Sonar fishfinder. You can use it on shore, oat, kayak or anywhere with a rod. It's most prominent advantage is its versatility you can take it anywhere and use it anytime, it has internal WiFi and just links up to your phone to display high clarity sonar images. There a bunch of mount options here besides casting it, you can even grab an arm mount to mount to your vessel. They also have a phone holder mount that can be attached to your ROD, this lets you easily look at the SONAR image without having to fish out your phone to check. The Deeper Pro and Deeper Pro+ are both compatible with smartphones and tablets running iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.0 or later. This SONAR will give you a live feed to your mobile device sent from the sonar unit.

Both the Deeper Smart SONAR and the Deeper Smart Pro+ units are great units but the Pro+ comes with an additional feature bathymetric mapping which not only allows you to view lake maps to pull unit over the water to create your own accurate bathymetric maps of the bottom. In simpler terms, if you fish regularly in a couple of spots the Pro+ might be a better option for you as it will give you detailed contour mapping of that area which will help you narrow in on any fish hiding spots. 

Best Features Worst
WiFi instead of Bluetooth for 100m connection Bluetooth mode isn't very reliable 
Cost effective SONAR Can't use in really shallow conditions (5 feet)
Highly versatile for shore and vessel fishing  

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is available for $449 RRP

RAM Accessories 

If you're looking for some DIY solutions to kit out your boat, we've got some ideas on the best products to go with. RAM mounts are almost synonymous with car mounts, but they actually produce a large number of Marine Chartplotter Combo mounts along with Fishing rod holders and other accessories. 

Fishing Rod Holders

RAM produce various fishing rod holders that allow you to manoeuvre the rod into the optimum position whether you have mounted the base vertically, horizontally or somewhere in between. The rod mounts are suitable for vessels as small as kayaks all the way up to larger tournament or charter boats. 




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