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Garmin fenix 5s Rose Gold Announced

fenix 5s series
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Posted: 06/07/2017 at 4:53 PM   /   by   /   comments (0)

 Garmin fenix 5s Rose Gold Australia Announcement

You asked for it and Garmin answered, the Rose Gold version of the fenix 5s Sapphire model has been released in Australia. This edition of the fenix 5 will only be available with the Sapphire Crystal lens and in the 5s size range. (42mm watch face diameter). This Rose Gold edition was originally released with the fenix 3 range. With its unique style, the watch has performed successfully. It's quickly rising to be one of the most popular options available. This success is seen further as Garmin is introducing the Rose Gold style across more of their products, not just their flagship fenix product range. It was made available for the Vivomove in May 2016. This trend is very likely to continue based on its performance so far. 


The Garmin fenix 5 series was released this earlier this year; it quickly distinguished itself as one of the best premium Fitness GPS watches on the markert. The top highlights for the fenix 5 are the inbuilt HR monitor, pre-loaded activity apps with training features, performance trends, physiological measurements and the Sapphire crystal lens limited to the Sapphire series for the fenix 5. To learn more about the fenix 5s follow the link below to Johnny Appleseed GPS

fenix 5s side

Size Comparison

The original Garmin fenix 3 model was only produced in one size which had a physical dimension of 51mm L x 51mm W x 16mm H. The display on the watch itself was 30.4mm in diameter. The Fenix 5s dimensions are 42 L x 42 W x 14.5 H with a display diameter of 27.94mm.

The Garmin Fenix 5s Rose Gold edition is expected to hit shelves 21st July 2017 - Preorder is available now